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 Call for Chapters for the Routledge Handbook of Food in Asia

(Editor: Cecilia Leong-Salobir)

Deadline: 1 December 2016

Throughout the ages man’s efforts in food production, preparation and consumption have shaped civilizations. Food cultures have undergone changes through war and famine, in periods of exploration, conquest, colonization and globalization. In the past few decades the study of food has burgeoned to an expanding area of research in almost every field of the social sciences. Increasingly, food studies courses are offered at universities and colleges, interrogating the inquiry of food in pedagogical contexts and disciplinary perspectives.  This handbook, consisting of twenty-five chapters, aims to illustrate the different methodologies and theoretical approaches that scholars on food in Asia have employed in the social sciences and humanities. It will discuss the diverse confluence of cultural, social, economic, political and literary influences within the disparate nations that make up ‘Asia’.

Eight broad themes are envisaged for the handbook (focusing on Asia): Food and the Nation State, Food Cultures, Food and the Asian Diaspora, Food and Politics, Culinary Legacies of Colonization, Globalization and Food, Food Trade and Literature and Film.

Suggested chapter topics include but are not limited to the following:

Identity – food traditions and rituals

Historical development of food production and consumption of ethnic/racial group(s) in a particular country

Food and national identity

Food appropriation

Cultural histories of food commodities

Culinary tourism

Taste – food and sensory experiences

Ritual meals

Food as medicine

Spices in Asian cookery

Oral traditions and recipes

Asian restaurants in the West

Asian dishes in Western restaurants

Role of Asian migrants changing Western food habits

Food security

Food activism

Culinary legacies from British/Dutch/French/Portuguese colonizers

The Columbian Exchange and Asia

Fusion and hybridized foods

‘Macdonaldization’ of eating out in Asia

Deadline for chapter submissions is 1 December 2016. The book is under contract and the target publication date is 2018. Chapter submissions of 5000-8000 words (including references) for Routledge Handbook of Food in Asia will be peer-reviewed. Each chapter submission should include title, 100-word abstract, brief author biography and professional affiliation. Please send book chapter as an email attachment, using .doc, .docx or .rtf. Further style details can be found at:

For submission or further information please email Cecilia Leong-Salobir at <>

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