The chair aims to promote an integrated system of research, training, information and documentation activities in the field of protection and promotion of cultural food heritages.

It aims to:
  • Promote and give a better knowledge of food heritages in order to contribute to their protection and promotion, according to the 2003 Unesco convention for protection of immaterial cultural heritages
  • Bring into focus the importance of food cultures, at the time of issues like food security and self-sufficiency or economic, farming and touristy development
  • Identify the food heritages and be part of the classification involving the owners of these heritages, either leading directly the inventory works or supporting the inventory programs led by other organizations, in order to make easier the promotion of familial and food-producing cultivations and help the introduction of agricultural policies and responsible tourism
  • Introduce and/or develop, in the university and in the partner organizations, master's degree and doctorate courses on the theme of food heritages, scholarship and academic staff mobility programs, in order to introduce the issues of protection and promotion of cultural food heritages and to consider food from the angle of social studies
  • Create an international network, bringing together all the regions of the world and working on the conception of research and academic training tools dedicated to food heritages